Want Your Child and Puppy to Grow Old Together?

You see it in movies, children and dogs growing old together. Some of them end in the passing of the beloved pet, while others show how new families form for both the person and the pet. Perhaps you hope your child will be lucky enough to have a lifelong loyal

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Woman holding an open box

Creating Calm in Chaos: Decluttering 101

A study by Sparefoot shows that 47% of Americans can’t park their cars in their garage because of their overflowing belongings. That’s a lot of stuff. If you’re among those people and want to start decluttering, then let the folks over at Seattle Sparkle help you with this handy guide. Have a Vision Remember why you want to declutter

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Electronic door lock

Keep your Home Secured — Here’s How

  Proficient home protection is key to ensuring good night sleeps every single time. It would mean so much to your peace of mind if you were able to put aside any security concerns because you know you are properly covered. Yes, investing on the best home alarm in Utah has so much to do

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The Importance and Value of Interior Design in an Office Setting

When people say interior design, many think that it’s necessary for places of leisure and relaxation such as malls and hotels. In contrast, offices are thought to simply be functional and nothing else. After all, it’s a place of work, and work is dull. However, in supporting these ideas, many people miss out on the

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Woman smiling while stretching

A Four-Step Guide to Planning a Slumber Party for Adults

Don’t you miss hanging out with your friends during a sleepover? If you think that you are too old for one, then you might want to reconsider. With all the stress that you get from the office, staying in with your friends seems to be the perfect way to cap off the week. Doesn’t a pillow fight

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Granny house on a vacant land

3 Ways to Fund Your Granny Flat Construction Project

To many Australians, transportable homes and granny flats are the answer to attain homeownership. These properties are relatively affordable and easier to build. With so many designs to choose from, prefab dwellings are slowly becoming indistinguishable from traditionally constructed houses. Furthermore, a granny flat makes a promising investment. Although it owes its name to the

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