5 Design Must-Haves for a Gorgeous House

A house should be a space that you would look forward to seeing on a daily basis. One way you can achieve this is by decorating it well. This is easily achievable if you have the knack for design, but there are also things that would facilitate this if you

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Man vaping in a bar

Why You Want to Vape Instead of Smoke

Smoking is one of the deadliest vices people have ever indulged in. It is the leading cause of lung cancer and emphysema – yet its addictive nature keeps people smoking. Fortunately, vaping is proving to be a viable alternative to smoking, which makes a vape franchise opportunity such as VaporFi particularly lucrative. Before you jump

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Millennials and Gen Xers are Keeping the Greeting Card Industry Alive

It might be the digital age, but card-giving is still in vogue.  Unlike floppy disks or dial-up connections, greeting cards manage to survive the technological changes, becoming a valuable product still, especially among millennials. Although some opt for handmade cards made with an embossing folder, a large majority of customers choose to buy their greeting

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Pile of wood waste

The Importance of Recycling Wood Waste

Construction projects, whether small or big, will inevitably produce wood waste. If disposed of properly, most wood waste will eventually decompose by themselves. However, they will still leave some negative impact on the environment. Additionally, transporting waste to disposal sites also consumes fuel and other resources, which further leaves carbon footprints. Recycling is a simple

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Want Your Child and Puppy to Grow Old Together?

You see it in movies, children and dogs growing old together. Some of them end in the passing of the beloved pet, while others show how new families form for both the person and the pet. Perhaps you hope your child will be lucky enough to have a lifelong loyal companion with them in the

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Woman holding an open box

Creating Calm in Chaos: Decluttering 101

A study by Sparefoot shows that 47% of Americans can’t park their cars in their garage because of their overflowing belongings. That’s a lot of stuff. If you’re among those people and want to start decluttering, then let the folks over at Seattle Sparkle help you with this handy guide. Have a Vision Remember why you want to declutter

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