pain management

Healthy Ways for You to Mentally Cope With Your Chronic Pain

Pain is the body’s way of telling us that there’s something wrong with our bodies. For example, if your stomach hurts, it could be because you ate something bad or you got hit there. If your back hurts, a possible cause would be sitting for too long. Many of us would think that it’s a

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man in a wheelchair

Sites That Lead the Charge to Better Disabled Accessibility

Too often, providing decent accessibility for the disabled community is put low on the list of priorities for urban planning and businesses. Still, a significant part of the global population lives with a form of disability, and they are just as valid and within their rights to enjoy the same services and experiences as able-bodied

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Customer care website

The Art of Customer Follow-Up: How Did You Do with Customers?

In a restaurant, it’s expected of the waiter or the head chef to ask two things: If you’re enjoying the food If there is anything else they can do or get for you This particular restaurant practice illustrates a simple customer follow-up, aka the act of assessing your services using your customer’s insight. This scenario

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Cleaning the counter

The Truths Behind 6 Popular Home-cleaning Myths

Although research says that there are certain benefits of living with a little dirt, recent events have made it very clear that you need to routinely clean your home. However, according to a survey on home cleaning, 27 percent of Americans were primarily concerned over clutter and only 12 percent were concerned about stains. That’s

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Road trip with friends

On The Road: Preparing For That Long-Awaited Road Trip

If you are planning to go on a long road trip, you need to make suitable preparations, especially when it comes to safety and security. It may be helpful to think that a scenic route will mean an easy time, but problems can plague your trip. Before you leave your driveway, you should smooth some

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