Men's clothes and accessories

For Men: Shopping for Clothes Online

Going to retail and physical clothing stores can be tiring, especially for men. Most of them are not thrilled about shopping for clothing and shoes, especially if it means going outside, driving, and actually walking around the store for good finds. This is the reason online shopping has become so popular — even with men!

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rustic decor

Incorporating Rustic Decor to Your Modern Interiors

As temperatures across the country cool down, people gravitate towards warmer design elements for their homes. These can be exposed raw wood beams, original bricks or patina-covered antiques. These rustic interior design elements can bring an unfettered but elegant look to an otherwise modern and polished-looking home. If you’re not ready to go full rustic,

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woman on her way to work while having a coffee

Life Is Short: Buy the Coffee and the House, Too

Until Generation Z reaches homebuying age, most articles and studies will focus on millennials and their buying power–of which they have a lot. This has resulted in millennials being the subject of much discussion, with every purchase put under the microscope and dissected to come up with assumptions about their spending habits as a generation.

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woman holding her leg because of pain

Five Unexpected Signs of Arthritis

Most young people brush off arthritis with the misconception that it affects only the elderly. In reality, arthritis can strike anyone, regardless of age. Research reveals that close to seven percent of adults in the country between the ages of 18 and 43 have arthritis. Physicians explain the most common cause of arthritis to be

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employees having a meeting in a big meeting room

Working with Temporary Employees

When your company needs people, there are times when you might need to reach out to temporary employees. This might be because of constraints when it comes to budget or you only need them as consultants. No matter what the reason, having a temporary worker can be a bit of a burden. Here’s how you

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backyard with sprinkler

Setting Up Your Backyard for Summer and Fall

Warm months are elusive in New England. When they finally come, they need to be taken advantage of to the fullest. This means backyard barbecues and parties lasting into the early fall months, when it is not too cold to hang out in the open. Here are some ideas for giving your backyard a new

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